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Quick Case Facts
Kevin pled guilty to murdering his father, Layfayette Ruffin, and attempted murder of his mother, Ruby.

Known Issues
Obtain a plea under false pretenses. Kevin did not murder his father. Read the police report: Layfayette was alive when the police came and left. In fact, Layfayette and Ruby never

Evidence for Claim

Police Report, Autopsy, Ruby’s own affidavit to the police contradicts the facts and evidence in that there are absolutely no defensive wounds on any party, so how could Kevin do all of that to Layfayette and Ruby without putting any type of bruises, blood, etc. at the scene of the crime

Relevant Documents

Ruffin plea


Ruffin fe

Ruffin ex11

Ruffin ex10

Ruffin ex6 to ex9

Ruffin ex3ex4ex5

Ruffin ex2

Ruffin ex1

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